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Underwater Sports are the local experts when it comes to diving SA's premiere dive site, the ex-HMAS Hobart:

Dive the ex HMAS Hobart with Underwater Sports

Why dive the Hobart with us? We run exHMAS Hobart scuba dives every weekend (see the calendar), but not only that: As well as providing a friendly, safe and enjoyable experience, we know the Hobart better than anyone (except perhaps those that served on her!) Underwater sports staff were instrumental in organising the sinking of the ex-HMAS Hobart as a dive site, and since the sinking all our Divemasters and other staff have performed literally thousands of dives on this amazing site. Our commitment to quality and personalised service means we can offer you both the safest and most enjoyable diving experience.

We know when is the best time to dive it (according to the tides), so that you are diving on the slack of the tide.

It is an awesome dive, and we hope that you come and dive it with us soon.

ex HMAS Hobart

exHMAS Hobart Diving Information:

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Facts and History
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Specially prepared for scuba divers

The ex-HMAS Hobart was specially prepared and sunk as a dive site. As part of the preparation, many holes and hatches were cut to allow easy access to scuba divers and navigation throughout the wreck. However, the Hobart is also a very intact wreck, with much of the original equipment, instrumentation and many fittings - including filing cabinets, sinks, toilets and tools - still in place to create many points of interest. There are also some more challenging penetrations for more experienced scuba divers, and the sheer size of the ship means it has something to offer every diver!

Escape Hatch

Access the bridge, engine room, missile magazine & more

You can sit in the capitans chair or look into the inner workings of the engine room and missile magazine, check out the guns, or the mess deck, or take the controls on the conning bridge. You can even do a spot of ironing in the laundry.
The engine room with exposed gearbox

An amazing artificial reef

The exHMAS Hobart was sunk in November 2002 and already it is teeming with life. Schools of snapper, whiting and bearded cod roam the outside, bullseyes, blennies and leatherjackets are moving in, and invertebrate life covers all the ship's surfaces.

Iron Press on Ship


All divers on the exHMAS Hobart must complete a diving permit.
Please complete your permit online here prior to diving with us,
and bring a copy of your permit with you to the boat.
Permits last 12 months.

Divers with their own boats must also apply for permits for all divers and passengers. 

All double dive charters include a light snack between dives!

To secure your booking we require the following information:

  • Divers Name:
  • Divers Certification:
  • Number of logged dives to date:
  • Date of your last dive:
  • Have you dived the Hobart before?
  • Do you require a guide?
  • Do you require any hire equipment (including tanks & weight), if so what?
  • If you can’t make it into our shop at Holden Hill to try on your hire equipment, please provide your height, weight, shoe size, and amount of weight needed.
We require credit card details to secure your position, but request that you phone us with these rather than emailing them. Your credit card will not be charged until the charter has run, and will be shredded immediately after.

Please note that we have a 48 hour cancellation policy, or the full price will be charged.

All divers must have a valid Hobart Dive Permit. Please complete your permit via the link above and you will be emailed a copy. Bring it with you on the day of your dive. If you have a smart phone you can bring that with you, and show your permit on your phone rather than printing it out. Permits are valid for 12 months.

Please note the boat’s name is Alladin. Please also put the name Alladin in the question about the boat’s registration number.

All Dive Charters run subject to minimum numbers and weather conditions. We ask all divers booked onto a charter to phone us at 4pm the day prior to the charter to confirm weather conditions. Check the Calendar

Ship Facts & History

"The Green Ghost"

Hobart EmblemThe exHMAS Hobart was known as the "Green Ghost" due to her speed, which made her appear to be able to be in several places at once.

The HMAS Hobart was a Charles F. Adams class guided missile destroyer in the Royal Australia Navy (DDG 39), built in the United States of America and commissioned in 1965 in Boston. Her role was air defence of the fleet.

HMAS Hobart completed three tours of duty off South Vietnam in 1967, 1968 and 1970 with each tour being 6 months in duration. In 1968, two sailors lost their lives and seven others were injured after the vessel was hit by "friendly" fire. In 1988 HMAS Hobart participated in the Hobart Bicentennial Australia Day Celebrations. She was decommisioned on 12th May 2000 and on the 5th November 2002 was scuttled in Yankallila bay as an artificial reef and dive site.

Iron Press on Ship

Facts about the Hobart

Class of ship
An improved Charles F. Adams class guided missile destroyer whose main role was air defence of the Fleet. The design of ships of this class was particularly versatile and she had anti-submarine and surface gunnery capabilities.
Length: 437 feet (133.2 metres), Beam: (width) 47 feet (14.3 metres), Displacement: 4,720 tonnes
20 Officers and 312 Sailors
Design and building
Keel laid October 26, 1962
Launched January 9, 1964 by Mrs David Hay, wife of the then Australian Ambassador to the United Nations
Commissioned December 18, 1965 at Boston. Built by Defoe Shipbuilding Co., Bay City, Michigan - the second of three guided missile destroyers built for the Royal Australian Navy.
TARTAR guided missile (single rail launcher), two 5"/54 calibre rapid fire fully automatic guns (in single turrets). Anti-submarine torpedoes (two triple mounts). IKARA, Australian designed and built long-range anti-submarine weapon (fitted in Australia).
Speeds in excess of 30 knots were obtained from geared steam turbines on two shafts.
Command facilities
The latest concepts in long range sonar, radar, communication and electronic equipment provided the Command with the necessary up-to-date information in the Operations Room.
All living spaces were air-conditioned. Amenities included regular movie shows, internal news and broadcasting services, free laundry, a canteen stocked with a wide variety of goods and all the latest facilities expected of modern day ships.
Purchased by Australia from the United States of America for US$45,000,000 including spare parts, stores, ammunition etc.

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