You can be confident when you bring your Dive Equipment in for annual servicing at Underwater Sports. All Regulator, BCD Servicing and Tank Testing is done here on-site.

We have a dedicated servicing room and in-house full-time, fully qualified Service Technician with 28 years experience in the industry. Your scuba equipment servicing & tank hydro testing is completed here at Underwater Sports, it never the leaves our shop, and you can rest-assured that your equipment service will be completed to the manufacturers specifications to maintain your warranty. In fact, we won’t sell you a product that we can’t service!

It is recommended that your Dive Equipment is serviced annually, even if you have only used it a few times since your last service. When you stop diving for a few months, salt crystals form, and these crystals may severely damage your equipment. We recommend you bring your BCD and Regulators in for service at the end of your dive season, so that they are ready to use again as soon as the new spring/summer season begins.

Scuba Diving Cylinders must be Hydrostatically tested annually in Australia, and we recommend that cylinder valves should be serviced at least every 2 years. We can also pressure test some other types of cylinders, including BA cylinders, some paintball cylinders, and large storage (bank) tanks.

You are welcome to contact us from anywhere in Australia to discuss your scuba servicing needs, and you can send your equipment to us for servicing.

Please note, in some instances we are unable to service some equipment due to age and availability of servicing parts, and also some brands and models that we do not sell ourselves.

Please make sure you contact us prior so that we can provide an estimated cost for you.

Consumable kits will be used when specified by the manufacturer; and all service work completed by USDC is warranted for 3 months after the completion date.

Regulators submitted for service will be fully overhauled, have all necessary parts replaced and tuned to factory specifications.

Buoyancy Compensators submitted for service will have the Inflator Assembly and Over Pressure Valves serviced. The BCD will be examined for salt damage, and BCD wash will be added. The BCD will then be fully inflated and checked for leaks.

Dive Computers will have batteries replaced as necessary and tested for water tight integrity prior to despatch. Please note, dive computer logs may be erased. If necessary, Dive Computers may be returned to the manufacturer for servicing/battery changes, however you will be notified in advance if this is the case.

Tanks will be visually inspected and Hydrostatically tested according to Australian Standard AS2030.1.

For some products that are obsolete, or if service has become too expensive, or parts are unavailable, an UPGRADE to a new current unit may be the only option. We will provide a competitive quote to replace the old equipment.

Products that are worn out, or damaged or deteriorated beyond repair, will not be serviced.

No partial repairs or services are offered or available.

Contact Underwater Sports Diving Centre today if you have any other questions – Ph 08 8263 3337