(Theory only course)

Pre-requisites: PADI Open Water Diver or equivalent

Once regarded as “technical” diving, the use of enriched air or nitrox has now been widely used by recreational divers. Why? Because with enriched air you can safely extend your no-decompression limits allowing you more time in the water. The enriched air diver course will introduce you to equipment considerations applicable to the use of enriched air, use of revised no-decompression limits, and safety considerations and procedures for the use of enriched air. You can combine the enriched air diver course with other specialty courses and get two specialties at once. Perfect for those wishing to become Master Scuba Divers! You will also need enriched air training as a pre-requisite for getting into technical diving should you wish to go that way. Even if you don’t, why not take advantage of the increased bottom time afforded by nitrox diving?

Course cost $195pp

Includes EANx Computer Dive Simulator Access Card (No more Dive Tables!), and 1 theory session.

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