Aqualung Argonaut Ti Dive Knife, Blunt Tip

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The Aqualung Argonaut Ti is expertly crafted out of one piece of one piece of titanium, with the blade and the hilt balanced at 4 ⅞” (12.4cm) each, coated in black EDP for corrosion resistance in salt water. The blade has a serrated edge on one side, and is finely sharpened on the other, with a sharp point on the butt of the hilt perfect for hammering or breaking open hard objects. The handle is fashioned out of paracord, wrapped around the hilt twice for an easy grip. The knife comes with a sheath, thermoformed around the blade for perfect fit, and made from a highly durable Kydrex. Includes 2” (5cm) belt loop and BCD mounting hardware.