Aqualung Phazer Fins – White/Blue

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Available in multiple sizes and colours, the Aqualung Phazer fins are the perfect choice for any diver. Crafted with revolutionary composite wave rib technology, the Phazer fins provide a harmonious blend of balance and power suitable for divers of any experience level. With a tri-material construction and an advanced water channel system, the Phazer fin optimizes energy efficiency with every kick.


Key Features:

  1. Wave Rib Technology: The Phazer employs revolutionary side ribs featuring elastomeric rubber sections and firm, wave-shaped structures. This dynamic design facilitates the precise loading and release of energy at key moments during the kick cycle, resulting in a solid, powerful, yet effortlessly controlled kick beneficial for both beginners and seasoned divers.
  2. Hydro Power Vent: The innovative Hydro Power Vent allows water to flow through the blade along the channel in front of the foot pocket. This enhances overall efficiency, power, and stability, catering to divers ranging from students to professionals.
  3. Improved Hydrodynamics: The soft TPR membrane on the blade effectively channels water, contributing to improved hydrodynamics during both the power stroke and recovery phases of the kick cycle.
  4. Tri-Material Construction: Every aspect of the fin is optimized through intentional material selection. The foot pocket, blade, and side ribs are crafted with distinct, advanced materials to deliver peak performance for divers.
  5. Easy On/Off: The Phazer fin introduces a new bungee strap system, eliminating hassle on deck. Additionally, a heel pad on the strap ensures protection against blisters and abrasion, prioritizing comfort throughout your diving experience.


Also available in Black, Black/Red, and White/Pink.

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