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Cressi A1 Anti-Fog Mask

$175.00 inc GST

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The A1 Anti-Fog dive mask has a sleek design and delivers impressive performance for both scuba diving and snorkelling enthusiasts. Its standout features include a single-lens crafted from tempered glass with a special anti-fog technology, ensuring clear visibility throughout your underwater adventures.

The lens design incorporates an inclined, inverted teardrop shape to enhance downward visibility, offering better control over diving equipment. The skirt and strap are crafted from soft silicone, providing a comfortable and adaptable fit for a wide range of face shapes. Additionally, the double-edged top of the internal skirt significantly improves sealing to prevent leaks.

The buckles are attached to the frame via a soft and elastic flap, offering flexibility and minimizing drag, thus reducing the risk of breakage. Furthermore, the inclusion of a yellow lens not only enhances contrast for improved object visibility but also adds vibrancy to underwater colours, enhancing the overall diving experience.



The anti-fog treatment on the inside surface of the lens may scratch. Please do not use Sea Buff or toothpaste on the lens as it will ruin the antifog coating. We recommend you use the mask box included to store and protect your new mask.

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