Cressi Donatello Console 3

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The Cressi Donatello Console is a sleek and intelligent tool designed to enhance your diving experience, effortlessly consolidating essential dive data into a user-friendly package.

Key Features:

  • Dive Computer Integration: Combining the functionality of the Donatello Dive Computer, this console offers support for various gas mixes, three dive modes, and a personalized menu, providing divers with comprehensive control.
  • Precision Pressure Gauge: Stay informed about your tank pressure in real-time, allowing for effective air supply management and ensuring safe dives.
  • Integrated Compass: The Donatello Console 3 features an easy to use compass for navigation.
  • Compact Design: Despite its advanced features, the Donatello Console remains compact and lightweight, minimizing bulk and facilitating easy attachment to dive gear.
  • Clear Display: With easily legible gauges and compass markings, critical dive information is readily accessible underwater, promoting confidence and safety.
  • Versatile Attachment: Featuring multiple attachment points, the console offers flexibility in securing it to dive gear, tailored to individual preferences.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, the Donatello Console is built to withstand the challenges of underwater environments, ensuring reliability on every dive.