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Cressi Neon Dive Computer

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Introducing the Cressi Neon Dive Computer, a cutting-edge tool designed to enhance your diving experience with its advanced features and user-friendly interface.



  1. Multiple Dive Modes: The Cressi Neon offers various dive modes, including Air, Nitrox, and Gauge mode, catering to divers of different skill levels and preferences.
  2. Dual Gas Management: This dive computer allows you to manage two different gas mixtures during your dive, providing flexibility and safety for advanced diving scenarios.
  3. Intuitive Interface: With its clear, high-resolution display and straightforward menu navigation, the Neon ensures easy readability and hassle-free operation, even in challenging underwater conditions.
  4. Dive Log Memory: Keep track of your dive history effortlessly, as the Neon Dive Computer stores detailed dive data for multiple dives, including dive profiles, maximum depth, and bottom time.
  5. Battery Conservation: Equipped with a long-lasting battery and power-saving features, the Cressi Neon maximizes dive time while minimizing the need for frequent battery replacements.
  6. Safety Features: Stay informed and protected with audible alarms and visual alerts, including ascent rate warnings and decompression stop indicators, ensuring a safer diving experience.
  7. User Customization: Tailor the settings and alarms to suit your preferences and diving style, allowing for a personalized and comfortable dive experience every time.
  8. Compact and Durable Design: The sleek and rugged design of the Cressi Neon makes it suitable for both recreational and technical diving, with its compact size and robust construction ensuring durability and reliability underwater.

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