Halcyon Zero Gravity Sidemount System

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Discover a new dimension of sidemount diving with the Halcyon Zero Gravity Sidemount System – where innovation meets performance. Dive confidently, explore freely, and redefine your underwater adventures with this state-of-the-art sidemount system.

Key Features:

  • Engineered to provide optimal buoyancy and balance, allowing for effortless and natural movement. The ZG puts the buoyancy over the hips and along the sides of the rib cage where buoyancy is desired. The air chamber positioning gives the ZG a flat and streamlined profile on the back of the diver.
  • Streamlined design with unique U-shaped bladder provides an almost free and clean back that reduces your profile and drag. The adjustable bungees makes it easy to use with different regulator configurations whether the regulator is pointed up or down. The waist strap d-rings on right and left hip allow for AL80’s to be clipped forward as they become buoyant. The unique positioned cylinder bungie runs across the back of the system and diver giving you more stretch when wrapping your valves, while keeping your cylinders high, tight and secure
  • Newly redesigned door handles allow the cylinder bolt snaps a free moving area to swing without getting caught in the corners. Two inflator ports allow the diver to select inflator placement on the right or left hand side of the system. The OPV placement on the left back side allows for easy location and use while gas is being exhausted. A harness system with multiple point adjustment is styled after the standard backplate harness, with the lower portion of the strap going behind the diver, allowing for greater freedom of movement and comfort especially for the women in the diving.
  • The small and compact unit will pack nicely along with other gear in a traveling suitcase or dive bag for travel.
  • Ultra-Durable Construction: Built for the demands of both tec and rec diving