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Oceanic Accel Fins

$159.00 inc GST



Power over frills. Fantastic value for money.

Compact and responsive, its clean lines and efficient shape make it an excellent all-around fin.

Shorter than most top-line full-foot fins (less than 54cm) and very lightweight (595 grams per fin for a size regular), the Accel gives fans of open-heel fins the best of both worlds: the comfort and adjustability of an open-heel fin, with the weight, size and performance of a full-foot fin.

While also good for local diving, you won’t find a better open-heel travel fin.

Comes with a unique silicone bungee-style fin strap, that makes it very easy to ‘don’ and ‘doff’ the fin.

Coloured straps may be purchased separately.


Additional information

Weight 1.53 kg
Dimensions 10 × 25 × 58 cm

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