Wetsuit Slippy Change Sock

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Do you ever have issues putting on your wetsuit? Are you tired of constantly pulling and tugging your wetsuit on? Then the Slippy Sock is the perfect, eco-friendly solution.

The wetsuit Slippy change sock is a low resistance slippery sock that allows you to effortlessly slip your wetsuit on, without all the struggle.

Made from rip-stop parachute-like material, it is strong and durable, and can be used on either your feet or hands to make donning your wetsuit much easier.

This wetsuit change sock is a game changer!


  • Easy to put on your wetsuit. No more constantly pulling, tugging and tearing your wetsuit; the Slippy Sock allows your wetsuit to “slip on” effortlessly.
  • Environmentally responsible. The Slippy was created with the intention of replacing the plastic bag trick, reducing plastic waste with this reusable sock. It’s easier to use too!
  • Increase the lifespan of your wetsuit. The Slippy Sock minimises the risk of tearing your wetsuit if you are struggling to get it on.