Zeagle Backplate Combo BCD with Weight System

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Zeagle Backplate Combo BCD with Weight System

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The Zeagle Backplate Combo BCD with integrated weight system is an expandable platform for building your ultimate BCD setup.
In this package we have added Gravity Weight Pockets, which can hold 3kg per pocket.

The Zeagle Backplate BC Combo is capable of mounting either single or double cylinders, so it can be used by both recreational and technical divers.

The combo comes standard with Stainless Steel backplate, however if preferred you can order it with a lighter aluminium backplate (please contact us if you would like this option).

Unlike other backplate-harness combos, the Zeagle combo comes fully setup for you, but it is still completely adjustable and customisable. You can adjust where the D-Rings are located, and adjust the harness to suit your body size. This is a one-size-fits-all combo.

You can also customize it further with optional extras to make it more comfortable, crotch strap, trim weight pockets, accessory pockets, shoulder pads and more.

The Zeagle Backplate Combo BCD comes standard with:

  • Stainless steel backplate and deluxe harness
  • Single cylinder mount
  • 30 lb donut bladder assembly
  • Single tank backplate adapter (including nuts and bolts)

In this package we have also added Gravity Weight Pockets, capable of holding 3kg per pocket.

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