We are constantly making adjustments to how we operate our business. We are committed to reducing the spread of COVID-19, so in the interest of health and safety for our customers, our friends & family, we are constantly making changes in accordance with the Government and health recommendations, and the welcome easing of restrictions.

As of Monday 1st December we have a COVID QR Code, and it is a requirement that all visitors to our store, and participants in our dives, check-in using the mySAGov App. While in-store, we ask that you respect social distancing, and COVID-safe guidelines. We have hand sanitiser for you to use in-store, and we are regularly wiping all frequently touched surfaces, including door handles, table, counter and efptos machine.

We request that you only try on items if you have the intention of purchasing, however please ask for assistance first. It is important to try a mask on before you purchase, and we want you to know that every mask on our display wall is sanitized between customers. However if you don’t intend to purchase, we welcome you to look, but not try on until you are ready to purchase from us. Please ask for assistance before you touch or try anything on.

We are also open for equipment servicing, dive courses, and social dives. Please contact us for more information.

We are here for you, regardless of how small your need may be. Importantly however, if you are feeling unwell, with cold or flu like symptoms, we ask that you stay home and phone us instead of visiting in-store.

Phone (08) 82633337 (please leave a message if we miss your call), email us at dive@underwatersports.com.au or contact us via our social media pages

We want to thank our Instructors and Divemasters for your hard work throughout a busy summer, and our customers for your support and well wishes.

We hope you all are keeping positive. WE WILL come out the other side of this, and our wonderful Oceans and all the incredible sea life will be waiting for us to escape the land and enjoy what we all love – Dive Time!

Best Wishes
Jolie and Dave.